Number 4 Meaning in Numerology

The study of numerology has been around for ages and works to get a glimpse of the profound and mystical revelations of deeper meaning and understanding. It does this by analyzing numbers, their vibrational energies, and working out their inherent meanings. By studying the energies numbers have, we can understand hidden meanings and divine messages related to our purpose in life. Here we’ll discuss in more detail the numerological meaning of the number 4.

The Meaning of Number 4

The most potent energies of number 4 relate to hard work, a no-fuss approach to life, responsibility, and adherence to proper conduct. When I say adherence to proper conduct, I mean conscientiousness and assuming creative energy that helps a person align their life with a solid foundation.

The people who have the number 4 in their numerological charts are usually hard-working, persistent, productive, and very dependable. As a result, they often select office jobs where they can fulfill their need for details, dedication, and loyalty. Number 4 always trusts its head instead of its heart.

Number 4 has a more conservative outlook on life, and it tends to stick to traditional methods and is rarely open to new or novel ideas or methods. Number 4 relates to wise decisions that are thought over and analyzed, so there are no surprises. However, number 4 also looks at things in black and white and does not like the shades of grey in-between.

Strengths of the Number 4

  • Loyalty – people with the number 4 in their numerological chart are dependable and loyal. They have an inherent need for stability. To feel comfortable, they will do everything to create a secure environment for themselves, build lasting relationships based on trust, and create secure opportunities.
  • Rationality – the people with number 4 take a realistic, practical outlook on life. They wish to rely on solid plans and are not quickly taken with new, transient things. They wish to develop solid plans, make wise decisions, and focus on productivity.
  • Service – number 4 graces hard-working individuals. These people always put the most time and effort into getting the best results in all life points and thrive on stability.

Weaknesses of the Number 4

  • Conservative – people graced with the number 4 have a conservative stance in life, and they make decisions and stick by them in any situation. The conservative, almost dogmatic thinking of number 4 leaves no room for other perspectives, which can be limiting.
  • Rigid – people with the number 4 are often inflexible and cannot do well in a team. They believe they are always right, which leaves no place for them to do well in a team where flexibility is a necessary trait.
  • Boring – the focus on hard work that people with number 4 are known for does not leave a place for overwhelming excitement. They seem a bit boring, and they are content with their life – however, this type of life seems dull to others.

Personality Traits for Number 4

  • Strong – strength is inherent for number 4 and makes them reliable, and mental strength is one of their main traits, which they use to keep their duties and be devoted to hard work.
  • Practical – number 4 looks at the practical side of all things, not bothering with frivolous, useless things. Usually, there are strict delineations of right and wrong, and number 4 will always make the most practical decisions.
  • Loyal – number 4 is loyal to a fault, and people with this number are faithful to their partners in all relationships. One can always lean on them, and they will do anything in their power to stay true.
  • Traditional – number 4 enjoys traditionality, and the people with this number often have a more traditional look at life and have difficulty accepting novel things. They aim for advancement, but in a conservative way.
  • Hard Working – hard work is vital for number 4; people with this number enjoy work challenges.
  • Organized – number 4 prides on their organizational skills; they trust their head and make decisions that keep their content.
  • Strict – strictness is an inherent trait of number 4; they often have an inflexible attitude.
  • Dependable – you can always lean on number 4; they are always dependable and will always keep their promises no matter what and will work to make others feel secure.

Number 4 and Love

When it comes to number 4 and love, things are interesting. Number 4 has an intense energy and positively affects love life. The Universe is inclined to provide help, and indeed helps navigate relationships and supports people with number 4.

The practicality of number 4 makes them more rigid, but they can realize the importance of love if they relax a little. The other pronounced traits of number 4, like loyalty, dedication, patience, and strength, make people with this number excellent partners. However, they need to understand the dreams and desires of their partner.

The Number 4 in Tarot & Astrology

The number 4 card in the Tarot card deck is The Emperor. The Emperor card symbolizes responsibility, practicality, fortitude, control, authority, and structure, just like the meaning of the number 4 in numerology.

In Astrology, number 4 coincides with the sign of Cancer. The Cancer or crab has a hard shell, is resilient, carries its house in its back, and has powerful claws to protect itself. It relates to security, dedication to its home, and protecting its family.

Interestingly, in some Asian cultures, the number 4 relates to fear or bad luck, similar to the fear of number 13 in some western cultures. It is referred to as tetraphobia, and it is mainly a superstition because the pronunciation of 4 in some Asian languages is similar to the pronunciation of death. Still, in many Asian countries, the number 4 is missing from elevators, parking lots, and other public places.

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I’m Swami Gautham, a Numerologist, and Astrologer.

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