Number 6 Meaning in Numerology

Have you wondered why so many people are different and have unique personalities? Well, every person is unique and has traits that make them special. When we talk about unique traits, we need to talk about numbers – the topic of study of numerologists like me. Each number has a unique energy and traits that give it specialized meaning. It can be interpreted in many ways, and here we’ll talk about the meaning of the number 6 in numerology.

The Meaning of Number 6

Number 6 is the number for matters of the heart. Representing unconditional love, it relates to compassion and empathy. It is also a number symbolizing hope, support, nurturing, and healing. It has a strong inclination to serve others.

Number 6 in numerology also relates to home, family, harmony, and idealism. It is considered the foundation of familial life, and as such, it is a responsible number that one can rely on. Anyone with the number 6 in their personal numerological chart is comfortable interacting with others and enjoys family life.

But this is not all, as number 6 also does well in all sorts of emotional and professional relationships. It has pronounced emotional energy and a significant empathic side and does not shy away from being honest and open with others. They are not afraid to talk about feelings and will do almost anything to help others deal with their feelings.

Strengths of the Number 6

  • Support – people with the number 6 in their personal number chart are the perfect shoulder to cry on. They have a deeply-rooted need to provide support, and have empathy, soft presence, and know how to listen and provide support and understanding.
  • Romancenumber 6 is the epitome of romance, and it will work hard to create mutually satisfying relationships. It speaks the language of love and enjoys true happiness when its partner is genuinely happy.
  • Protection – like it is related to unconditional love, number 6 also offers unmatched protection, especially to people who don’t have a voice or cannot speak for themselves. Their protective side shines when it comes to their family, and their protective side comes up if anything threatens their family’s emotional or spiritual balance.

Weaknesses of the Number 6

  • Idealistic – number 6 lives with the expectation that everybody should treat everybody else like they do, according to number 6, the recipe for a perfectly balanced world. Their ideological views of the world clash with reality, so they are often upset and disappointed.
  • Passive – number 6 is not a doer; instead, it takes a passive stance and allows others to take advantage of him. It is usually assertive, controlling energies that can overpower the number 6, and it will not do anything to fight back but will go along with the flow.
  • Self-sacrificing – number 6 is willing to sacrifice itself for others; it will neglect its own needs and well-being to help others. But since there is a limit to what it can give, it often disregards self-care and gets in a disbalance in its own life by trying to help others.

Personality Traits of Number 6

  • Caring – this trait is one of the strongest ones number 6 possesses, and it derives from its natural ee energy.
  • Compassionate – compassion comes naturally to number 6, and it will do anything to show people in need that they are not alone.
  • Nurturing – number 6 is the number of nurturing and is a trait it takes very seriously.
  • Healing – number 6 has a powerful energy that can heal physical and emotional wounds.
  • Protective – number 6 is a born protector, looking to shield everyone from the hardships of reality.
  • Romantic – number 6 is a romantic at heart and enjoys all sorts of romantic expressions.
  • Warm – number 6 has a soft warmness that it enjoys spreading around.
  • Harmonious – number 6 enjoys harmony and balance and strives to inspire this on any occasion.

Number 6 and Love

Number 6 is the number of love, and it is the most potent number when it comes to romance and matters of the heart, and all the people who have the number 6 in their numerology chart are born romantics and lovers. They enjoy relationships and know the genuine value a loving relationship can bring.

Number 6 is also related to family and finding the perfect internal harmony and balance. That does not mean that number 6 is idle, but it is intensely devoted to the well-being of its loved ones. It also has a strong inclination to use its heart to serve others and enjoys its role of a beacon of hope and empathy.

The Number 6 in Tarot & Astrology

In the Tarot card deck, the number 6 represents The Lovers. It is apt, as number 6 is related to love, and The Lovers card symbolizes love, partnership, and everything else involved in creating a successful, loving relationship.

In Astrology, the number 6 stands for Virgo, the sixth sign in the Zodiac. Virgo is service-oriented, giving a lot of itself to serve others and help people improve. This sign is also related to love, desire and devotion, as it is ruled by Venus. Other signs also under Venus’s influence are Libra and Taurus, which also have strong symbolism of devotion and desire.

Many religions have a deep relation with the number 6, like the six days God took to create the world, the six-pointed star of David in Judaism, and many more. Per Chinese culture, 6 is a lucky number, and extrasensory perception is often called the sixth sense. I’ll finish on a darker note; there is a tradition of burying a coffin six feet under the ground, so the phrase “Six feet under” usually denotes that a person/idea/plan/concept is dead

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I’m Swami Gautham, a Numerologist, and Astrologer.

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