Number 3 Meaning in Numerology

Numerology interprets the meaning of numbers and explains the energies the numbers bring, the messages divinity bestows on us. Numbers are one of the ways angels communicate with us, and each number has a different meaning. Before discussing the meaning of more significant numbers, we need to discuss the meaning of the single digits from 1-9. These are known as base numbers, as they are the base of the meaning of other numbers. Let’s talk about the meaning of the number 3 in numerology.

The Meaning of Number 3

Number 3 has a very energizing, upbeat energy. The number 3 is related to youth, positivity, zest for life, enjoyment, and interaction between people. Other traits related to number 3 are creativity, communication, and charisma. The lesser but no less critical interpretations of number 3 relate to people with impressive social skills, natural playfulness, and luck.

People whose personal number is 3 tend to be very creative, playful, and naturally charming. They are optimists, have a unique outlook on life, and have childlike curiosity. However, the people who have 3 as a personal number are often naïve and slightly egotistical.

Number 3 brings luck, overflowing positive energy, and optimism. It is the lucky number of many people worldwide, as it has particularly lucky energy. Number 3 relates to great creative potential, and people with number 3 are born artists. This does not mean they’ll become real artists, as they usually lack direction and often drift through life.

Strengths of the Number 3

  • Communication – people with number 3 are born communicators. They can handle every form of communication with ease and burst with ideas, thoughts, and dreams which they are not afraid to show the world. They believe that they can find the necessary support to transform their ideas into reality by sharing them with the world.
  • Charm – number 3 has an attractive personality, magnetic charm, and pleasantness. Their ability to communicate with anyone combined with abundant natural charisma gets everyone’s attention. Number 3 thrives in such environments.
  • Artistry – number 3 enjoys all sorts of creative expression: music, color, cloth, and many others. They enjoy tickling the senses and understand that people need much more to express themselves – hence art.

Weaknesses of the Number 3

  • Naivety – people with number 3 are usually more naïve and unaware of the world’s true nature. Their ever-present optimism and positive energy don’t allow them to see and note the risks, and they often make poor decisions that put them in bad situations and get hurt.
  • Shallowness – number 3 is related to shallowness. People with this number often live on the surface and never go deeper. If they do go deeper, they will have to deal with feelings and unpleasant situations. They tend to focus on the hedonistic aspect of life instead of on personal growth.
  • Lack of Focus – number 3 gets excited by newness, and they are drawn to new, shiny things all the time. Still, not all new things can keep their attention, and they are often drawn to other new things, never focusing long enough on one thing. They enjoy laughter, positive energy, and enthusiasm and prefer not to focus intensely on real-life goals.

Personality Traits of Number 3

  • Communicative – communication comes easy for number 3. These people can converse with anyone on any possible topic, sharing their optimism with ease.
  • Artistic – number 3 has a very pronounced artistic side. People with the number 3 as a personal number enjoy all sorts of creative arts, constantly finding new ways to express themselves.
  • Sociable – number 3 enjoys social gatherings where they converse and get together with many people. They consider this their natural environment.
  • Curious – number 3 approaches life with childlike curiosity, admiring every new thing around them.
  • Optimistic – number 3 is related to an ever-present optimism, and it is related to intense emotions deriving from the high spiritual energy present here.
  • Scattered – number 3 does not have the power to hold its focus for long and has difficulty finding direction and respect for its responsibilities.
  • Naive – naivety strongly influences number 3, as this number focuses on immaterial things and lacks awareness of the real world’s troubles.
  • Cheerful – number 3 has high passions and happiness that shines through and touches others.

Number 3 and Love

When we talk about love and number 3, things are fascinating. Number 3 has very intense energy, high spirits, and irresistible eagerness. Number 3 expresses appealing energy, easy communication, and openness when it comes to love. It is not afraid to show its feelings in any situation, especially where a lover is concerned.

People with the number 3 as a personal or love number show originality and creativity and openly show their feelings. They are not afraid to fall in love and find many things they fall in love with. Their lack of focus can be a hindrance, as sometimes, number 3 has difficulty staying in love with just one person at a time.

The Number 3 in Tarot & Astrology

In the Tarot card deck, number 3 represents the Empress, and she is the symbol of fertility and creativity, the giver of life. The Empress encourages embracing the beauty and beholden to the artistry of nature all around us, pointing to creation, growth, and moving forward, standing against inaction.

In Astrology, the number 3 is related to Gemini and Sagittarius’s signs. Both signs have an impressive zest for life, thrive on new ideas, and enjoy experiences to the max. Number 3 is related to Jupiter, the planet of ambition, knowledge, wisdom, and abundance.

Almost all world religions have a powerful connection to the number 3. Namely, the triple deity shows in all major religions: from the Holy Trinity of Christianity, The Hindy Tridevi and Trimurti, Buddhist Three Jewels, and many more. The power of the number 3 can be seen in many other religious examples. Additionally, “Third Time’s The Charm” is a well-known phrase that points to a popular superstition that shows people’s relation of number 3 with luck.

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