Number 8 Meaning in Numerology

Each natural number has its energy, and we numerologists interpret its particular meaning. By learning the meanings of numbers, we can delve deeper into the hidden mysteries of the universe and the subconscious and get a symbolic glimpse at the divine. Here I’ll outline the numerological meaning of the number 8 and tell you more about what this number signifies.

The Meaning of Number 8

Number 8 relates to assertiveness, determination, and responsibility. Number 8 is known for its impressive business and finance skills and strongly relates to career and authority. Its meaning is strongly related to its shape – number 8 has two circles on top of each other signifying balance – a force that creates and destroys and relates to the balance of the material and spiritual.

Number 8 is mistakenly thought of as the symbol of money and power, but it is, in fact, a symbol of balance. Number 8 symbolizes both the material and the spiritual – it is rational, practical, and intelligent. A person with the number 8 in their personal numerological chart focuses on results and does not like to play make-believe. Such an individual is gifted in making money, but not for acquiring wealth, but uses them as a tool.

The people with the number 8 don’t consider losing money as something terrible, but they thrive on the challenge and usually make more money than before. Number 8 has a strong drive, ambition, efficiency, organization, discipline, and control. These traits make number 8 a realist and a strong leader, almost as strong as the number 1.

Strengths of the Number 8

  • Ambitionnumber 8 is the most ambitious number of all. It lives to achieve any goal it sets and does not change its mind quickly but is determined and dedicated to accomplishing its goal. The sense of satisfaction is a great driver for number 8, as is the feeling of going forward.
  • Endurancenumber 8 is aware of its capabilities like patience and determination. It is confident that things will eventually turn its way, and it is willing to endure the struggles, seeing as it is aware of the prizes awaiting the other side.
  • Karmicnumber 8 has a spiritual side and knows the importance of giving back. For all its achievements, number 8 shows the appropriate gratitude and will always help those who have helped him. It is related to the shape of number 8, as the road to success is due to constant ups and downs.

Weaknesses of the Number 8

  • Entitlednumber 8 believes that it deserves everything and usually does not ask for permission or forgiveness. It has a solid need to succeed and often does things independently, forgoing teamwork and partnership, which is where the sense of entitlement comes from.
  • Materialisticnumber 8 focuses on accomplishments and enjoys nice things that show its accomplishments – these serve as rewards for successful ventures. When taken to the extreme, this trait becomes too materialistic and shallow.
  • Authoritative – number 8 will do anything to become a success. But this is also why it often takes the role of a leader, as this position gives power, and number 8 enjoys the power and assumes its opinion is correct. It does not hear other people’s opinions and ignores them, resulting in lost support and broken ventures.

Personality Traits of Number 8

  • Accomplished – number 8 thrives on accomplishments.
  • Dedication – once number 8 sets its mind on something, it will not rest until the goal is reached.
  • Balanced – number 8 symbolizes balance and is a trait it often enrolls when doing a task.
  • Strong – number 8 has an impressive strength to achieve its set goals.
  • Prosperous – prosperity is something that number 8 always wished to accomplish.
  • Materialistic – number 8 enjoys material wealth and likes to show off the nice things that serve as a reminder of its success.
  • Goal-oriented – number 8’s main drive is to achieve its set goals.
  • Professional – professionalism is among the most significant and influential traits of number 8.
  • Authoritative – number 8 thinks it is always right, and takes an authoritative role.

Number 8 and Love

Number 8 is not the most romantic number but takes a practical approach. Number 8 has a straightforward approach to romantic relationships; they are loving partners and take responsibility for their decisions and support their partner. What they lack in emotional support, they will try to fill up with material goods, as they believe they should be the providers in a relationship.

The people with the number 8 in their numerology charts are loving individuals, but they don’t explicitly show it, as they focus their energies on other tasks. Its leadership-oriented attitude prevails in relationships, and they often wish to become the more powerful partner. It is not always a bad thing, as it means the partner can lean on them and find the support they need.

The Number 8 in Tarot & Astrology

The number 8 in the Tarot card deck is Strength and Justice. The Strength card symbolizes the challenge of taming desires and finding inner strength, and it also represents control, karmic powers, and the intention to find balance. In the Zodiac, number 8 relates to the sign of the Scorpio and has the strength and resolve, traits also found in number 8. But number 8 relates to the Zodiac sign Capricorn and signifies professionalism, achievement, and prestige.

The number 8 is associated with Saturn, the planet for career, practicality, status, and karma. In China, number 8 is considered particularly lucky and is purposefully put in wedding dates, birth dates, addresses, finances, and other numerical aspects. Interestingly, many people have changed their names to add more 8s to their numerological charts, as they believe it will bring them more money and accomplishments.

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I’m Swami Gautham, a Numerologist, and Astrologer.

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