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Imagine this. Every question that you may have, has an answer and that answer not only lies inside of you but also lies in the numbers. The whole universe is made of numbers.

You are made of numbers and every question has an answer in the science of numbers. Calculating these numbers and organizing them into a pattern gives us an enormous amount of information about ourselves; past, present and future. This is the oldest system known to humankind, the most sacred and the most accurate. It’s called Akar Jantri or Yogic Numerology and this is the Numerology Professor, your guide to learning more about art and science of numerology, yogic numerology, and the language of numbers.

Yogic numerology is unique. It presents you with an opportunity to know more about yourself, how to correct yourself, how to become stronger in each area of your life, and how to succeed and fulfill yourself in every aspect of life.

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