Numerology Forecast For November 2014


By Yogi Akal In November, love is in the air. November 2014 is a very special month because, in reality, you can’t change it. There are so many things that are changeable in the world, so many events, people and situations, internally and externally, that transform, change, the unexpected, that rattle you. One thing remains […]

Numerology Forecast for October 2014


By Yogi Akal October of this year is a preview of all of next year. October in the current year is always a preview of the year to come. So what does that mean for this month and next year? This October 2014, is all about wind. It’s about the way wind works on the […]

Numerology Forecast for September 2014


By Yogi Akal In September you have to be centered. This month, September 2014, is a time to be at home anywhere and everywhere. Wherever you are, you need to feel at home, in the middle of things – centered. Now, that’s sometimes a challenge: Perhaps you are in a large crowed; you need to […]

Numerology Forecast for August 2014


By Yogi Akal In August the world is a chess board. Get off the board! August 2014 is a very heavy time if you can’t concentrate. The world is in a chess board mode, and if you are manipulated on the board, if you are reactive, and you are opinionated because of reactivity, you will […]